How to live with It?

During high school, I remember my teenage dabarkadz that had a ‘true love’ for it, basically the root word, Recess.

Most of us like it, not only for the alloted time for merienda but also to sweat out; or, catch some fresh air and sunshine; or, flirt with our “crush”, composing love letters; or, handle some few basketball shots at the gym; or, even play as alternate in the secretly-betted chess blitz game.

Seems our favorite to be relieved from our strict Jesuit mentors, it is an alloted time in-between scheduled class-subjects within the school day for our batch-block to have freetime alternative activities and also for the youthful play, play, play- monitored or not.

During this school-class period, we were encouraged to be physically active and engaged enthusiastically with our peers. (So much for it- as a fave subject, the so-called liberty hour).

In college, for me- that word transformed into something serious as grasped from the interesting business course I was indulged in. As mind-opener I found Recession so interesting but realistically with awful feeling, goosebumps-like.

Are we in a Recession?

Having those assigned readings about the circa 30s geopolitical history’s on the Great Depression- where stock market crashed which sent Wall Street into panic and wiped out millions of investors, it became a reckoning for the dreaded one that ignited a world war infamy.

Over the next several years then, consumer spending and investments dropped, thereby revolving loans turn off into pilings of bad debts. As domino-effect, it caused the steep declines in most industrial outputs as failing companies laid off workers making the weapons industry as alternative while the Army became a succor, the job relief for the fit.

The Philippines (Ph) then, as an American colony, was not affected catastrophically during that ensuing period of the Commonwealth era. Significantly large numbers of Asians were entering the U.S., but Filipinos became one of the largest group of immigrants, privileged and unrestricted, being ‘Brown American’ citizens. And Ph as an emerging wealthy rural economy had been an exporter of Gold, Rice, Coconuts, Corn, Sugarcane, Bananas, Pineapples, Mangoes, and not to be outdone was the world-famous, Manila Rope made from Bicol’s abaca.

As soon as the 1935 Tydings-McDuffie Act was passed, The Philippines enjoyed more its socioeconomic autonomy.

“Recession is the business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity.”

And aptly, on August 6, 2020, the Ph government announced experiencing it (such fearsome word) for the first time in 29 years. But before we start panicking, here’s what we should know about it.

What is it?

By definition, a Recession (in Economics) “is a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real Gross Domestic Product (GDP, which is the total value of all goods and services sold in the country during a specific period (of time)); real income; employment; industrial production; and, wholesale-retail sales. A recession begins just after the economy reaches a peak of activity and ends as the economy reaches its trough. Between trough and peak, the economy is in an expansion. Expansion is the normal state of the economy; most recessions are brief and they have been rare in recent decades.”

In layman’s term, it is the business cycle contraction when there is a general decline in economic activity. Taken into account, is the weak over-all trade transactions which need stimulants.

They generally occur when there is a widespread drop in spending among us, the consumers. Notably, it’s indicated by significant decline in economic activity for a certain period, categorically lasting at least six consecutive months, where the economy is shrinking (on the average) by 5%, more or less.

As stated, some effects are in the negative growth in the GDP; the widespread joblessness; the decline or loss of income; and, the decrease in industrial production whether in wholesale or retail sales.

What are the causes?

Visibly, it’s the COVID-19 pandemic that is considered as the main driver. We can see countries closing borders in attempts to stop the spread of the virus affecting almost all businesses which could implode International Trade.

Of course, the lock-down preventive quarantines (ECQ, MECQ, GCQ) affected the movements and output of people and therefore the buying, selling, and transporting of goods and services except, as others say, for food sales and some other online transactions.

Without doubt, the pandemic and its adverse economic impact are testing the economy like never before. But unlike past crises, the Philippines is now in a much stronger position to address the crisis,” Acting Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Chua said (06Aug 2020).

It was written somewhere though that present Ph, as a net-importing country now, might be seeing symptoms of economic decline in anticipation of unsustained local productivity and being aware of its dependence mostly on OFW remittances and foreign debts? The uncontrolled rice imports affecting invariably food security is an eye-opener, too. In addition, there’s the perceived solution of the “Build, Build, Build” program comes into mind which could push productivity.

As a band-aid remedy, massive infra structures’ building avert recession as well as affect deflationary stagnation in times when foreign investments and financial stimuli are lacking.

Any other external or internal political turmoil could not be exonerated from the scenario.

The economic planners now should be pounding their brains on how to mitigate the situation as learned from other nation’s history.

How Recession affects the Economy?

It results in higher unemployment, lower wages and incomes, and lost opportunities, in general. Private capital investments and economic opportunities are most likely to suffer in the current downturn and even including the data changes in the Education of the youth. The “scarring” effects will be long-lived in many areas.

On macroeconomic studies, the first sign was the consecutive negative GDP growth. Simply put, the country is spending more money and resources than it is able to make.

The signs of the times somehow point to the recurring budget deficits, year after year.

Similarly, foreign currency exchange rate fluctuates but this is for your analysis, and there’s one silent gauge on the economy’s health as indicated by the banks’ interest rates (plus high service charges)- why give very low, low interest <rate> to bank savings deposits?

The same- it can be observed even on the microeconomic level. On this scale, it’s noticeable that several businesses experiencing a decline in sales, matumal or assumed losses in revenue.

Most likely, fast to act are availees of bankruptcy proceedings to avert furthering those losses. We can even hear in the news- how the Stock Exchanges’ shares plunging. Many seemed panicky.

To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.”
-Adam Smith

Recession and us?

Usually, people at all income levels feel the impact.

It’s on Jobs or Employment: job loss affects the stability of families and individuals; our status, health, and well-being can be drastically smashed by the loss of a job; and, more particularly, one’s self-worth.

With unemployment rates running extremely high during a recession, individuals and families struggle to find income to pay for the bills each month resulting to hunger, love quarrels, divorce and worse- the temptation to commit petty crimes. Others may even succumb to vices, homelessness and poverty; lest, suicidal attempts due to traumatic losses.

As the community quarantines limit the movement of people, consumers of goods and services also lessen. There may not as many consumers buying goods or hiring services, except for some affluents who can afford to buy in bulk ala hoarding essential items at their basements.

Pragmatically, businesses have to limit losses by scaling back production, reallocating resources or even worst, the closing of their operations.

Hence, life savings are on the rescue for those in-the-know, if there’s adequate practice of Personal Financial Planning. Everthing would affect us both as an employee who may already be experiencing a decline or loss of income in- “No work, No pay” policy; and, as a consumer has to deal with a price hike in some goods and services as businesses also attempt to survive.

How to Thrive during a Recession?

“When the downturn hits, they switched to survival mode, making deep cuts and reacting defensively”.

Find a support group nearby in case you’re facing extreme difficulties.

For the majority of the population, surviving a recession comes in 3 basic rules: earning more, saving more, and spending less.

  1. Earn more
    The key to earning more is by creating more income streams even if you got a fulltime job. This can be in the form of a side hustles like, a part-time job, small business, or a mix of both. Accept a teaching job. Tap on having two breadwinners instead of one? Never be complacent with just online referrals, selling/services, and traditional jobs/businesses. You need to find opportunities to earn- like in media platforms of YouTube, WordPress and Kumu. Why not make legit money on FaceBook instead of senseless bickerings? And besides, register with your barangay center to avail of benefits on the Barangay Micro Business Enterprise Law of 2002 (or R.A. 9178, as amended). This is to avoid any tax evasion cases or penalties yet homebiz’ start-up trials have some breathing space, for a limited period. Further, it would be beneficial to consult a Business Professional.
  2. Save More
    Start budgeting (please spend more time on this!); drop excess entertainment costs; avoid fancy restaurants and unnecessary shopping; evaluate those expenses (to repeat) whether necessary or not; re-examine your variable bills; and perhaps, declutter those collections, dispose some preloved items like paintings to raise needed funds. We covered this in an earlier article, Money Communique> Money Saving Trick$.
  3. Spend Less
    Spending less is to save more. It is reactionary to spend less during economic uncertainty and to watch out for tempting online store sales’ offers and the trendy foods available, you might be spending more than you need.

Hopefully, the world economy would not reach a worst-case scenario. But just in case a deep recession may not be curtailed, here’s a Preppy’s advice for an off-grid living.

Reality check: Now is the time to examine one’s lifestyle even if your income grows from multiple streams. Having a reasonably kept amount in your bank will provide a better safety net to deal with unexpected job loss, medical need, or even the necessity to move somewhere, or worse– a loss of a loved one.

Likewise, no one knows when this pandemic will end?!

Everything would pass, be just as mindful of the little luxuries that you do spend for as well with your utilities and grocery spending (repeated~ to emphasize more).

Again, check your lifestyle and never hope too much on those ayudas!

Taking a second look at current expenses and budget, you’ll probably find items that are unnecessary for awhile. True, we should not be fearful of recession as it is an economic activity, a part of a periodic cycle like the vivifying seasons.

On the other hand, the government would encourage massive expenditures! For those who have earlier secured their future and those with stable jobs or regular income subsidies/pensions, they could help in the recessed economy with calculated sprees of spending~ enjoying their status of financial well-being further while money has still the intrinsic power of its purchasing value.

“Reap what you sow”. Like our subject in high school, our personal economic decisions determine the fruits of our sacrifices. Life must go on. Wise spending though is still the dogma for whatever economic class you belong; nevertheless, this the crucial time to practice faith, hope and charity.

Consequently having done your homework well, always strengthen faith with the Supreme Being whom we can rely on. The temperance in all dealings would lessen the anxiety.

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.– Helen Keller

Happy searching!


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Repeat Order$

Some Money Tips:
3 Easy Ways

Depending on the HomeBiz you’ve explored or discovering nowadays, a Repeat Order simply means as another order from a customer who has ordered before. It might not be necessarily for the same product item.

A repeat customer is one that has returned to your business, time and time again; they are referred to as “loyal clients”. A customer may be also called a “return customer” after the second time they make another purchase and beyond.

For Filipinos, we call them “SUKI”. You are called “Gandang suki” (pretty customer) to entice better attention. That’s why in our local marketplace, just for the feeling– it’s so nice to pass by!

Many businessmen rely on established customers to provide repeat orders rather than actively seeking new ones. These signify our customers’ recognition that our products provide a high return on investment.

There’s some problem in the average store that spends 80% of their marketing budget on Ads and new customers acquisition, when in fact 65% of Sales could be generated from existing customers!

And once you’ve caught them, the next challenge is how to get them come back.

“Suking pogi, halika… pili lang.”


A)  Request For Info; Get Some Details Of Your Customers

Each time a customer spends money at your store, you’ll have to observe their shopping behavior, allowing you to send like personalized mails and offers to encourage further orders.

Device a sort of a Mailing List with basic info like hobby, occupation/profession, age, marital category, income scale, delivery address, email/contact number and even color preference.

By letting them know of new items may call their interests. If operating as an e-store, sending them interesting contents and decent discounts from time to time, you can make sure you’re in the forefront of their minds when they are thinking about something to buy.

Repeat customers are the easiest to deal with and sell to them as they are already familiar about you and have already demonstrated a need for your product/s.

Be warned, though: sending them too many emails, personalised or not, and you’ll probably be sent straight to the spam/bin folder!

You don’t want to fall into this trap. Chances are you allocate the bulk of your marketing spend on customer acquisition. Once acquired, the last thing you want is for them to unsubscribe from your list.

Likewise, take the opportunity to get the data even if you avail of B2B platform like Shoppee or Amazon. Next direct transactions with customers could save you more.

Many dropshipping sellers are even conscious to get data from resellers’ list for their future advantage.

B) Offer Discounts; Promotional gifts

Special promotion offers for repeat orders as extras, not available in general for the public.

One of the best ways to increase repeat purchases is to enclose a Discount (voucher code) within the package or deliveries. If buyers are satisfied, surely they would come to you sooner.

According to a university study, offering discounts like Free delivery are viewed more favorably by customers much over than the discounts that are specific to products.

This is also a great way to generate word of mouth ads, as customers may pass on their discount code to friends who go on to make their own purchases with you. Make it time-sensitive, for the date-expiry purchase action.

Caution: Depending on your business model and audience, it may not be wise to offer customers a third voucher if on their first/second orders they didn’t use that vouchers.

Moreover, take note of proper pricing. You should have your products on the affordability range. Unless you have already set a premium for branding and high quality, exorbitant prices are real turn-offs. Much more, if you offer unbelievable discounts when in fact it may appear as jacked-up so unjustly to accommodate the price-cuts. Customers don’t like do be fooled, would you?

Closing-out sales or bargains, excess inventory shavings are another stories of business models yet customers should be treated well that you earn more of their respects.

C)  Give them Importance

For example, remember everyone’s birthday!

A suprising gesture or creepy marketing? Lessen some of your X’mas ad budget, there’s subtle result on this marketing strategy. Although there’s no available extensive literature on this stuff, people are generally happiest on their birthday.

Everyone is making a fuss over them, they’re probably up on money yet they feel like the world is their castle. Euphoric still, by contacting them on their birthday by any other means, is a symbol of your special care.

This act of kindness though will register in the customers’ mind and resulting to make more orders in the future. Again, we are talking about improving business relationships as well as building your brand’s goodwill.

Whether they place an order soon or not, the friendships you developed are priceless. Remember- your loyal customers could be your silent army of advertisers.

And offering them a discount or a gift token upon re-orders, however small, as a ‘gift’, customers will feel more obliged than ever that they may make many repeat orders there and then. It’s totally natural for you to think- it’s not worth the hassle but you can observe the results with gusto.

Another method is through thoughtfulness- a unique Thank You!

Have you ever received an order and found a little thank you note inside? If you had, you’ll vividly remember that warm feeling you got. They care! They actually care! If you haven’t, then you’ll recognise that this is done not nearly enough by retailers.

Handwritten, or maybe include a promo item, or how about a nice postcard? Even if it’s not handwritten, that’s fine, but put in a personalised note along with the shipment and you will notice better comebacks.

This can be one of the most powerful techniques for remaining in the forefront of your customers’ minds.

Don’t be put off by simplicity, it really works! It’s also one of the techniques that country retailers will find it easier to do in competing with larger ones.

Always respond to negative feedbacks in a patient and understanding way.

Likewise if you can get Feedback/s, particularly how to improve your service, you’ll probably receive more good feedbacks than the negatives; but, on the occasion where you do get some criticisms- be sure to take heed and try to address whatever problems they outline.

New customers are fragile; if they are unhappy with your product, it took too long to deliver or they experienced any discomfort during their shopping or after sales experience, then they may never make use of your business/service again.

As more businesses jump on Google Ads, Facebook and other platforms to advertise, the cost to acquire a customer rises each year and there will come a time when it’s no longer profitable to acquire a new customer unless they place renewed orders.

Recent studies reveal that only 27% of first time buyers place a second order with a business, but the customers that do are almost twice as likely to make subsequent orders, again and again!

This is part of growing a HomeBiz. Your goal is to prove to your customers that you really care, and turn them from from one-off purchasers into valued ones. Every after sales support is a clever style to grab them away from rivals. This is the essence of customers’ retention.

There’s willingness to transact again due to the mutual trust that has been established.


Repeat orders are repeat business which spell these Money Tips.

So there you have them, three simple techniques you can implement today to ensure you get customers coming back again and again!

By these simple acts, any planned purchase in the future, it will click in their minds the desire for your service when they need similar products. Take a look at these simple ideas for inspiration on how to get repeat orders, the repeat business!

Make it into your radar, the customer satisfaction spectrum. For your HomeBiz to grow well- get info about your customers, offer promos and make them special.

Give these some attention: The big leagues apply these inexpensive marketing formula for their omnipotent presence.

Happy sukis are the pillars of sustainable entrepreneurship. Those repeat orders from them are the real cash cows of business life.

Your turn…

For online platforms-
there are literally dozens of ways you can encourage repeat purchases from first time buyers: such as offering loyalty reward points; increasing email frequency through Free subscriptions and even using direct mail catalogs; and, warranty and money-back guarantee~ which you probably already are aware of.

Happy marketing!


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Reality Check

Moments to ponder

  1. Victoria’s Secret declared bankruptcy.
  2. Zara closed 1,200 stores.
  3. La Chapelle withdraws 4391 stores.
  4. Chanel was discontinued.
  5. Hermes is discontinued.
  6. Patek Philippe discontinued production.
  7. Rolex discontinued production.
  8. The world’s luxury industry has ceased production.
  9. Nike has a total of $23 billion US dollars preparing for the second stage of layoffs.
  10. Needless to say about travel.
  11. The founder of AirBnb said that because of the pandemic, 12 years of effort were destroyed in 6 weeks.
  12. Even Starbucks also announced to permanently close its 400 stores.
  13. (What’s the next buzz?)

Under the weight of the new crown, the pandemic, many giants are facing the crisis of failure. Five months of the pandemic we’re in debt and tens of thousands of companies went bankrupt, so the company was seriously replaced.

If your company is still there, and there are no pay cuts or layoffs, please treat your company well. Because they still insist on carrying all the tests that you can’t see. And humans are facing the pandemic that cannot be controlled.

The second half of 2020, is the challenge of corporate strength.

Stay safe and healthy!

Ctt0: Ron Awa

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IDEAL: Attending a homebiz at the same time, taking care of your child.

= = = = = = = =

My 2c.

Isn’t it high-time to be not so dependent on income from jobs, working for somebody else?

During these unprecedented times, things are not as stable as they seem: Those relied-upon jobs that have once promised security- they are now gone, affecting most the nonessential workers. Even corporate stocks popped, busted.

And to think of it- most schools geared our minds for employment and seldom we can find one that pushed for actual business endeavors.

Forward-looking we might have enhanced our body and brain for entrepreneurship. That’s putting life challenges in our hands. Smartly.

Most successful persons and wealthy ones are the prime movers of their own businesses.

It appears that some businesses may come and go, but entrepreneurs usually prepare ahead of any meltdown. And when you become a business owner you should have invested wisely & diversified your endeavors in the proper placements of funds. Likewise it should be inevitable to learn the tie-in of the basic ropes, even gradually.

If we have save enough for a start-up capital though, then this is the reality- to fulfill those aspirations. Reach that goal to achieve that dreamed success, NOW.

Happy HomeBiz hunting!


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Facemasks & Gift Items.

Income from Ads & Trends.

Do you think that customizing apparels would appeal to the public?

It’s being done! Face covers have become so popular due to variety of reasons. For industrial and road users, often there’s the type of specifications– as gears for protection.

With the Covid, the masks are supposed to work properly during these pandemic times. Even the CDC recommends that everyone — sick or healthy — should wear them in places where it can be hard to stay a meter away from others, like being in a grocery or on a public transport.

The truth about Facemask is that it’s best to leave N95 models to those who really need them the most. And as pointed out that “in many hospitals, there is still an ongoing concern for adequate personal protective equipment, thus N95 and surgical masks should be reserved for the healthcare workers”.

So impressive, with a fraternal seal insignia.

This pandemic has taught us many things, it exposed us to the vulnerability in terms of healthcare and job security. Today, even after all these sufferings, we place premium on necessities and so as we would like to soothe, comfortably.

Does it make sense? Washable facemasks and other personal items are there that seems to need customization. All it takes is that those name/s embroidered elegantly and you’ll have that personalized item to wear– to sell.

Even recycling other wearables would add that unique feel. I saw some customized items before… the name should be included in the cost of the product and most items could sell at the average price of P100 (US$2) each.

If you’re a start-up, just source out from nearby factories or import for bulk purchases at huge discounts! Having sewers and good equipment may be beyond your means today; but, for easier control, however– recruiting a crew of lady homeworkers, operating out in their own living rooms could be tapped to do stitching jobs parttime, on piece contract basis.

Simple designs are elegant and attention-getters.

For mass production purposes and to lower prices– in order to catch up with the competition, they could be produced in high-speed facility anyway. Also, start to find homeworkers in that related field for subcontracting.

Just keep stock on hand, based on the most popular nicknames, with foresight on timely demands and trends.

As unusual gift items are becoming fashionable, placing names, insignia or logos in these stuff should make more money through proper marketing. This seems like a good plan of operation as Election recurs every so few years. And after testing the waters, you can go fulltime then on your personalized giftshop HomeBiz.

With the see-touch display type of selling is going passè, our HomeBiz Plan should be operated by aggressive advertising techniques to make more sales, online!

This kind of Home-Biz is highly sustainable.

When necessary this is something you might be prepared and have located earlier some manufacturers/suppliers and pronto, do your customized art, as per ordered specifications.

But going on a garage-type production facility, there’s an equipment that will put the these fancy names on a lot of things.

I passed upon this branded “Brother Pro X, PR1050X” Embroidering Machine. Scarves, hats, bags, backpacks, travelling pillows, tennis racket covers, tote bags, sweaters can be stitched on with any logo, company name or that beloved nickname for anyone, including pets’.


To lower the costs further, mass production is the only way by scouting for raw materials in bulk orders. Buying the clothing pieces in those large shipments you can afford, then customizing later for fund-raisers like those of greek fraternities or as part of campus uniforms and civic clubs.

In mid-year strategic planning for Christmas tradition, i think there’s some money when you deal with the Santa Claus products and related Xmas decors and trees. As I covered this in my other article, stockings filled with special gifts and novelties could make up as excellent goodwill advertisers (with logo) for big companies and offices, too.

Many years ago, i saw these products being used for corporate giveaways, as unique promotional devices. As we know, promo items are powerful tools to increase brand awareness, to generate leads and ingratiate businesses to consumers.

What may appear as printed/embroidered tote bag or t-shirt is actually highly strategic and an effective advertising medium. This HomeBiz idea should be applied to you and for your clients. To be clear, this isn’t just the usual stuff, but an added armory to help anyone’s business stay relevant in the consumers’ mind, and for you to grow much further.

When this idea be turned out as a public attention-getter, companies would have a strategic goodwill in addition to corporate social responsibilities.

There is even a joke about banks where those few available pens are usually tied up to the deskstand… where we fill up alphanumeric forms, in jest someone bursts: “We trust our money to this bank; but look– this bank doesn’t even trust this petty pen to us”. (LoL).

This could be also an unique opportunity~ embossing the corporate bank’s name on every pen as giveaways, not only during the Christmas season.

Beachshader ads subtly placed for public recognition and company recall.

Ingenious but would be very effective when the special season is upcoming or would even serve these companies during anniversaries hosting, trade shows’ attendance, graduation ceremonies and similar conventions.

The importance of these products for business promotion can be gauged from these stats. According to a study by the Promotional Products Association International, 94% of people remember where they received a promotional product gift.

The study revealed that 83% of consumers like to get promotional products that has an advertising message. Those who received the products, 85% of them do business with the advertiser. A good score of 63% of the consumers gave away to someone these promotional products when not needed. Moreover, 58% of the surveyed consumers said they keep the gift items from one year to four years.

For small HomeBiz startups, promo products help cut marketing budgets and still draw peoples’ attention. For end-users, FREEbies serve as magnets.

These crucial data lay emphasis on the significance of promotional products for marketing and brand recognition.

A rule of thumb most of the marketers follow for product campaigns is to give away the items of daily use. These giveaways may be pens, calendars, mouse pads, caps, shirts, jackets, umbrellas, special water bottles and so on.

Experienced marketers work out quietly on a creative strategy. They picked the items that are not only useful but also unique and of high quality, for broader impact. Umbrellas in golf courses target executives, the VIP decision-makers.

Giving away these promo items is a simple way to propel the company name and logo for every regular customers– attracting to win more buyers further. For many years, promo products have been in use as a very cost-effective marketing tactic. Right from new enterprises to large businesses, these gift items are marketers’ favorite.

Institutional ads (like the one embossed on a jacket), an invaluable company’s booster-enhancer tool.

Further, it can help you in attracting customers during trade fairs. These items are usually distributed free of cost or as loyalty rewards booster.

Sometimes called the “walking advertisements”, they also help you in developing good relations with the public and your business clients as well.

A very low-cost marketing method to drive customers goodwill, even established global players resort to this. There is also a corporate trade secret to harness monetary dividends by spending the ad budget to the fullest, to avoid extra taxes from those enormous profits out of the annual balance sheets.

A casual outfit, proud of working for a company.

For better results, such quality products help keep consumers engaged with branding and expect repeat business. This means that even one-time distribution of the gift items is good enough to engage customers with your brand for many months.

You can expand the reach of your goods and services amongst a larger audience. They had been proven as excellent for building a solid customer base and maintaining that customer loyalty: sort of, the being “Proud To Be” associated with that branding goodwill.

“Don’t start a business or open a shop and start waiting for customers to find you. It is called ‘hope marketing’. Learn to be extra about marketing and advertising your business.” (~T.Omotoso)

Look further on the potentials of wholesale Reselling, Dropshipping online… and these non-perishable minted gift items can stay longer in your inventory while you’re hunting the proper clients– that could spell your jackpot income soon.

Let’s cash on it! Why stick on boring jobs when HomeBiz opportunities like this is a key to your moneymaking dreams?

Happy Home-Biz hunting!


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Unusual Money In Traditions

Money Plan, getting ahead.

As resourceful you can be, preparing for upcoming events means good money potential sources.

If you are a storeowner, the principal idea here is for you. But, if you are on a one-man start-up HomeBiz, it is possible that you can supply the needs of the storeowners; or, go direct to the Purchasing Service department. Knowing that, some companies streamlined profits by buying gifts cum ad media before year-end. A simple tax-shield strategy also for most companies by “lessening the fats”!

Do you know that it’s during the mid-year that strategic planning for Christmas products is laid-out? It should transpire early and before the “-ber” months’ songs commence playing in the airwaves.

Amazing big Xmas stockings, for kids and adults.

There’s some money when you deal with the Santa Claus’ tradition. The idea is to be imaginative with large Xmas stockings! How about huge five-foot stockings, filled with kids stuff; or, corporate giveaways-filled bags even for adults?

A stocking jam-packed with special gifts and novelties could make up as goodwill advertiser for big companies and offices, usually. Logos/trademarks can be noticed for every gift.

One enterprising guy has been selling this kind of Xmas stockings for some time, packing them with dozen assorted toys to be made available as party’s raffle prizes for employees of multinational firms. Yet he, aside from the stuff to be purchased per clients’ specification, made good money by designing the large container bag suited to the company. It’s customization.

Last year, i saw also these large stockings being used for window displays, ready for the Ninongs and Ninangs to parlay previous years of gifting droughts to their godchildren. Yet as i interviewed its sales clerk, found out- that most of the buyers used these items as contests’ prizes or as unique promotional devices.

Holiday bags, suited for an occasion.

When this idea be turned out as a public teaser, ’til Chinese New Year thru Valentines day, adapt the stockings theme similarly to be suited after the Chinese year symbol; or, the red heart-shapes, respectively.

These promo gimmicks are inventory-reducers though but with a twist, there’s one or two secret items inside that are pricey, attracting for a win- a special gifting and feeling that Surprise.

While they all contain different items, what they do have in common is that the sealed bag- a far cheaper than the retail price of the products it contains.

Actually it is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make big grab bags filled with unknown random contents. They sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract more customers to shop at that store during the new year period, Japanese style, with this ridiculously popular mystery bag phenomenon.

By the way, it’s named- Fukubukuro (福袋) an amalgamation of two Japanese words, fuku, which means ‘good luck’ and bukuro, which means ‘bag’.

The Bags of Luck.

Exactly as its name suggests, it is a type of lucky bag sold by retailers over the manic New Year’s shopping season. You know- it really doesn’t matter whether if it’s Starbucks, Sony or Nintendo, most larger retail outlets offer fukubukuro in some shape or form.

While they all contain different items, what they do have in common is that the sealed bag- a far cheaper than the retail price of the products it contains. Because you can’t actually choose what’s inside the bag (all preselected by the retailers), and also- if you do plan to try playing your luck. A good omen for the New Year.

That’s a business’ big yield in New Years’- as Fukubukuro is to Japan, of what Black Friday is to the US, or what Boxing Day is to Australia: a discount hunting scheme for all, a great sale holiday except that the Japanese like to do things a little differently.

With cost ranging from P1,000 to P2,000 each pack locally, on the sides, the display home centers dispose of excess stock inventories easily, for replacement with new ones.

Sealed big packs with assorted goods, a jackpot in waiting.

That gimmick for some Nippon-themed shops during the year-end’s fanfare could be applied as strategy to boost more traffic and better sales performance; yet, our other concern is for the HomeBiz entrepreneur who could be the supplier.

The idea revolves here: Get orders. Purchase gift items in bulk during the lean months, that’s the low-pricing secret of competitors.

Comes the near events of Christmas, New Year, Valentine, and even Easter, the annual demand zooms; and, spiralled prices are the most basic moneymakers for established operators i knew. Moreover, they are on happy vacation in between those holidays.

The salesmanship ego in you- to solicit thousand orders of those specially-designed huge packages for the annual traditions… this money plan is shared to you ka-HomeBiz, wishing that it will propel a much easier life.

This idea is just waiting to be explored by the resourceful businessman like you. Plan and action are the dual keys.

Happy Money-making!


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Money Saving Trick$

There is a person who was famous but underrated in these times.

Do you know who is ascribed to- “A penny saved is a penny earned” quote?

Although profoundly influential then, his contributions changed the beginnings and future landscape of the North Americans’ global, political, educational, and social life. A true Renaissance man, his mortal roles included being a runaway-newspaper boy, writer, publisher, inventor, diplomat, free-thinker and foremost, a philanthropist. This person developed that unique personality- to persuade different groups of people to join together for charity and uncountable benevolence.

The new generation may have forgotten this man but his words are more apt in our modern world of consumerism and debt, where material possessions trump sensible finance practices.

A public-service spirit, mixed with practical organizational skills, he produced a variety of improvements in the civil society.

Saving money when you make minimum wage is hard but it can be done. It’s important to understand what your priorities are, and create a values-based spending and saving plan.

Once you do, you’ll be smarter and savvier with how you spend money and ultimately, be able to save more.

When it comes to finances, it’s important to not only think about now but also the outcome in the future. Even if you’re earning at a minimum, you can still save little by little.

Most of the time, you have to work to get money. If you’re spending more than you earn, ask yourself what you could cut back. So you save money even with low income to reach your financial goals. It’s not living on absolute frugality but just being practical.

In spending, knowing between needs and wants- that’s the talisman of a powered living.

There’s also some money in your junks, those old trashes may have value for others. Even in any decluttering or throw-away session, a good mental exercise to ask yourself always, is: Can I hand it down, still use or repurpose this stuff? This will keep you suspend spending and avoid non-biodegradables filing up more the smokey debris mount.

According to CNN, 25M American households are living paycheck to paycheck.  You’re just trying to get by.  When money is tight, saving any amount can be the last priority on your list.

Wherever you settle, you must plan to stretch your hard-earned income. If not, a bum-like life later would be full of frustrations.

Even though if you’ve won a fortune or waiting for a handsome inheritance, when you don’t care to manage that wealth you will wake up someday sobering, really down. So hurting to discover that within your happy-go-lucky flock of friends, only few would stand by with you- come the not-so fair weather, roller-coaster life.

So, discern well about the pros and cons for every major decision to take.

On day-to-day living, it has been proven that you can save 20% by smart handling of money alone. It is a secret that can be learned not from school but in your upbringing, from your parents’ trickled sermons. It’s not too late though to start planning for savings now and/or supplement one.

Having an emergency fund is an essential part of being financially healthy, so clear the path to save even if you can just spare some change right now, for your dusty piggy coinbank, that cute paperweight ATM-like apparatus for most kids who were raised in future-conscious or conservative families. That way, you can start adding to small savings as long as you don’t run out of cash inflow.

Likewise, practice wise buying by using simple tricks to stop your money dribbling away.

For example, purchasing dry milk in large containers can save you P4,000 annually. One can just keep smaller containers at home to pour into. Large sizes can save money provided you keep hindsights of expiration dates. As much as 18% in a year, buying from wholesale food and produce stores as a group may lead to 30% savings a year, too.

Lookout for factories that usually offer promos in their sites during their anniversaries. Systematic buying during Sales campaigns can add to your savings, up to a certain limit. 

Meat can also be purchased at wholesale price, if you buy at large amount for the freezer. Because if you purchase only the specials, you may save up to 30% or more, even if you prefer the steak and bacon types.

For sure the pandemic affects the global economic downturn with 🏭 closures and high-tech products clearance sale. Sometimes it only takes a quarter of the original price to take perennial products home.

Neither do shy away besides canvassing leisurely the surplus shops for needed stuff that are used but not abused.

Set also your sights in planned buying those branded items or from respectable dealers, this will not only give you better quality but also render you some thousand pesos, in durability.

“People who want to appear clever rely on memory. People who want to get things done make lists.”Peter McWilliams

It’s also undeniable that most people go to a supermarket without a list and end up buying a lot of things they neither intend to buy nor they really need! Always make a note, write a To-Buy list when going to these attractive display shelves. Impulsive buying is a big blame to over-spending. Make it a self-discipline, a habit to stick within your budget.

Budgeting, money tracking and careful thinking about your expenditures are important. Role-playing that you’re too poor for a budget is a way of avoiding tough decisions. But making those difficult choices will actually help you feel more in control and happier about your finances.

Some fund cuts will be easy like foodchains’ meals and snacks can be crossed-out in favor of cooking at home. And, never mind if others are flexing their restaurant-hopping just to bragpost in their online wall~ those savory foods instead of giving priority to the “Prayer Before Meals” or maybe none at all.

Going out to celebrate some happy events in your life, is understandable. But living on ready-to-eat meals, according to consumer surveys, will cost an average family P35,000 more per year compared if they used home-prepared foods.

Once you see what’s now left at payday, you’ll know what to cut out of your monthly expenses to get back to living within your means. 

But don’t forget about streamlining costs in basic areas, as well. You can often lower your utility payments by making sure you turn off unnecessary lighting and unplugging power suckers, for example. In some ways, many DIYers are going more Solar as a practical power source solution.

In addition, buying super-efficient appliances will compensate the new purchase from maintaining those more-than-5-year-old electrical vampires.

Even turning your aircon’s thermostat a few degrees at cooler nights will add up to your savings in utility bills.

Cuting debts is an emancipation from economic slavery.

How about that buying-spree with credit cards? As many are tempted to use them as if there’s that source of cornucopia, be warned though that consumption on credit is a hazard sign, albeit very dangerous.

Interests accumulated therein will be an added burden. Use credit cards wisely and have it as not a matter of boastful lifestyle. A good personal financial strategy in order to save more is to cut excess number of credit cards and instead pay in cash or with your debit card, with your virtual coins or with your reliable PayApps platform.

The possiblity of forgetting payments’ due dates accrue to increase percentage of interests plus penalty charges. Record always when you receive your payslip, to appropriate when bills are due and when automatic payments are made. This can also help you to find the thin spots in your finances during a certain period.

If inevitable, just maintain one for local urgent purchases and perhaps another for a card reserve, a “Miles Perk” companion with global acceptance when you opt to travel; a self-reward, a personal gratification to be relieved from the stressful concrete jungle. But those fees might become a burden to your Savings plan.

Others think of short-term payments only on their credit cards, but still for sure annual dues will come (except on some perks of waived annual charge upon reaching a certain quota of spending). To get amazing results, which one to retain– try this: I reached out then to the issuers on my supppsed decision to cut my ego-booster “golden” credit card borrowing lines, 2 out of 5 offered waivers on the annual dues!

It’s but practical to get rid of those suckers, usually tempting you with mail flyers to spend more for their false sense of financial freedom.

Be debt-free, to be worry-free!

Decision on long-term mortgage loan for inflation-proof dreamhome is ideal in Rent-To-Own real estate acquisition for some and perhaps essential for additional capital in business expansion; but, surviving on personal borrowings in our society, is untenable.  Too many monthly amortization payments though will drastically drain your net pay. It’s getting more banal- dude, “Get out of debt”!

For sure, purchases through Cash, qualifies you for instant discounts. It works as shop owners do not have to wait for their sales money; and also they can avoid to pay the lending service a percentage fee.

A handy list is an aide-memoire on what to do priorities.

Whether you go low-tech with pen and notebook in hand, or high-tech by using a money-tracking app, a month of monitoring will give you a much better idea of where your money goes.

There’s an investment guy who suggests that it would be a big advantage if we sign up for every free customer reward points program we can.

For example, if you are subscribed to Globe Telecom service provider, whatever accumulated Globe Rewards points you got can be converted into Cash when transferred to GCash app as to their Peso equivalent.

Many of our Reward points just go to waste as every March of the year, they are forfeited? When in fact, however small for others, when accumulated say by 10 users, could be a handsome sum for others. Or, how about donating those peso points to your charity, like the Red Cross?

Foremost it is wiser to set an Educational Fund for your kids early on. Moreover, never overlook the necessity of health insurance and memorial plan which can be also made manageable by raising your deductibles. Focus well, to the max, on your personal pension fund~ it’s for you to enjoy thereafter those hard works.

Others do biking from time to time, combing nearby beach or obliging himself a brisk walk under the morning sunshine which are healthier activities, well-endowed. And, looking around, ah those services you don’t use~ like that gym membership or the extra data plan on your phone~ must also be on the chopping block.

Another positive side effect of tracking your spending is that it gives you a moment to think about those purchases before you make them.  Or, abstain from excessive luxury- you might just have just walked on by a coffee shop when you realize you don’t really want to fork-out the cost of a cup of aromatic coffee. Except for business meet-ups, staying in that cool place is what you pay for- and not for their overpriced products.

Love your home’s kitchen nook, instead. And planting your own organic veggies will give you a better assurance of wellness in yourself and your pocket, avoiding those possible toxicants.

If you will realize, the worse that ever happened to the modern man is that time-waster, serialized, Free TV tele-novelas. With all those soap & shampoo ads, it’s not really free as you thought of- that’s an unchecked increase of the daily cost of utilities. Unless you’re on theatre studies, it could be reasonable- you can easily find an uploaded online version anyway. Except for real news, turn off that television- binge-watching, the habit that kills most of your time. Classical music is much better to supercharge our creative abilities.

Likewise, the addictive compu-games destroy your eyes- most probably. This is bandwith siphon, too. Do play from time-to-time when you need only to relax, never make it a career as no one can beat the pattern of unwinnable challenges, programmed after the casino-like schemes: loss-proof!

Remember Floyd Mayweather, here’s what the mainstream press says:

“It does not matter what you made, it matters what you kept, and he is a dumb-dumb.”

From the long litany above, what haven’t we cover?

And if you want to live within your means, you need to be ever mindful of your income and expense. Let’s recall the jot-it-down diary we were thought in grade school. Revive that stationery jug for any cash inflow or outflow. Otherwise, it’s impossible to get off the cycle of living from one paycheck to the next without being conscious of minute peso movements.

Have you cut your spending to the bone and still having trouble making ends meet? Then it’s time to consider other sources of income. That could mean selling off some of your pre-loved possessions; or asking for overtime at work; or, even looking for greener pastures.

Meanwhile, if you can’t cut costs anymore than you already have, consider diversifying income by starting a “second job”, a side hustle to earn extra money. Aside from that full-time job, you can get work on the side to provide you other income sources like tutoring or handling per-hour college courses?!

Hurry… Rally for financial freedom, now! Many buy-and-sell sidelines can be done right from your sofa in your spare time. Think about what you’re good at work-from-home potentials: what kind of hobbies can earn money; or, what you already enjoy that can be turned into a side job. Popular side hustles with your computer/cellphone include virtual assists, freelance blog (like this one), data entry, internet research, medical transcription, paralegal clerkship, graphic design and even youtube vlog from your honed special e-skills.

Isn’t it decent enough to set aside at least 10% of your income? Having plugged an attitude to lessen those money leaks, it’s a small sacrifice for you to sue the purse for good takes. Be proud of your modest, simple living! KEEP IN MIND -always- that: even how big you earn, if you don’t save… it’s an omen of disaster.

Bit by bit through the passage of time, your progressive savings habit could grow farther to fund your wise investments.

Going back to our exemplar- his life’s journey, while getting only two years of formal schooling, he had valued self-development and was so determined to find ways how he could improve himself.  Because of that, it’s worthy to emulate the ideal statesman, :.Benjamin F. Franklin.

Its noteworthy that he gifted UK£1,000 (around US$4,400) each to two cities from his savings for the purpose of sponsoring artisans and apprentice workers to learn trade and applied sciences. Two centuries later, said fund grew to about US$7M, or might be more when his will was followed~ or by applying the “compound interest annuity” formula from his French mathematician friend. That’s now the source of basic funds behind the Franklin Insitute and museum. How money really grows when funds are managed well.

Even with sainthood foregone, the “First American” would be glad in spirit that the present working generation had picked-up not only personal financial success tools but also acquired an inspired money-managed ecosystem.

And God-willing, gradual little drizzle of savings would lead to a better resolve for future investments and eventually you’ll enjoy a much happier retirement years of fulfillment. Furthermore, financial success could become your inherent civic theme in Franklin-like kind-heartedness to the needy~ resulting to a bliss in positive karmic self-indulgences.

IF YOU CARE FOR SOMEONE AND YOU’D LIKE HIM/HER TO HAVE A SECURED FUTURE, please do share this article as our simple legacy.

The more people become financially secured, the better- we would have a much happier society. Eventually, there would be a fruition to Franklin’s:  “It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is a miserable man.”

In all probabilities, when the basic penny is endowed still as invaluable money- there shall arise a Franklin in you, in your inner consciousness, revisiting this not-so-tricky mantra:


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WFH, Be A Freelancer

How times change?

Do you have some computer skills and wish to work at home?

There is a growing trend~ for those who would like to work at home, instead of duty-bound commuting hours to catch the scheduled daily punchtime, during the hectic workweek routine.

The world of cyber opportunitie$ is now open.

It was quite dubious for receiving some crazy stares when trying to venture out then, on their own. Twenty years ago, which was not that long, if you were doing freelance work you were considered confused or bewildered?  😉

With your computer equipment, several companies allow you to outsource for yourself as one-off jobs.  Instead of working for a BPO office, yes- You are your own BPO!

We are now in the so-called “gig economy”- for those seriously looking for additional income or even a change of career pacing.  It refers to the hiring of independent contractors and short-term workers by businesses.  Talents that make up the gig economy are usually called freelancers, gig-workers, independent contractors or free agents.

Driven by higher internet penetration, more Filipinos are going now into freelancing.  According to PayPal’s 2018 Global Insights Report, at least 2% of the Philippines’ netizens is said to be in that realm.  The report also found that 84% of them use online platform/s such as Upwork or Fiverr, some even use both?!

What was once a long, tedious daily grind, we have now become hassle-free through these platforms, at subtle freedom within our garden or in a breezed zone elsewhere.  At your own time management, you can also integrate and play with these top competitors.

(cc: Edille Rosario, Team Itlog)

Elance, in 1999, originally built as a platform for outsourcing IT work, it soon evolved to include other sectors as well.  In 2013, it merged with a competitor, oDesk, and re-branded as Upwork.  For this company, the Philippines is the third highest-earning country in the world when it comes to freelancing.

Another big player in the industry was established in 2010.  Setting itself apart from its biggest competitor, Fiverr aimed to provide high-quality work at low prices.  As strategy, it offered starting rate for projects posted on its site as low as US$5, which was a boon for many cash-strapped individuals and also a magnet for incubating companies alike.  Sort of a goodwill bonus for contracting parties as seen in some medical transcription jobs.  When both became happy of the results, the next project must be reassessed for proper pricing.

The number of such legitimate companies, like PPH, is increasingly spurred by an uptick in online workers and abundant specializations particularly in the Philippines.

Thanks so much for our wide comprehension of the second official language, English!

Catch up with the home-based opportunities.

More and more Filipinos are trying their hands at this phenomenon.  The online jobs platform Upwork already has more than 1.4 million registered Filipino users alone.  While Fiverr is a newcomer in our shores, its presence is a good news especially for those from the BPO industry which is now on a shake-up with these trends. 

Some of the many types of jobs Filipino freelancers are engaged with are data entry/internet research, 34%; virtual assistance, 13%; and, customer service, 8%.  As a side hustle, high-skilled programmers and website developers even command better premium deals. 

The PayPal’s survey revealed that digital platforms provide ease and convenience for freelancers to receive payments from clients overseas.

” The various elements of your profile – your overview, your description of your educational achievements and work experience, and your introduction video- may help…

Despite this growth, experienced BPO call center reps are still in high demand across all areas of expertise, including live chat support, technical support, email support and call handling.

The change in the call center industry is only representative of the broader digital migration happening in global inter-connectivity. What freelancers should instead do is position themselves with their expertise in one of the more than a thousand listable skills, as that’s who clients want to hire.

The various elements of your profile – your overview, your description of your educational achievements and work experience, and your introduction video– may help you develop self-branding for this particular expertise. A verifiable, rather a good presentation of your LinkedIn resumè is a bed of roses.

Work ethics are expected to be based on standards of best practices, emphasizing the value of relentlessness especially for newbies.

For multinationals, hiring them offer a lot of practical benefits but finding the right person for the job can be a gruelling process. While these netizens may all come from different backgrounds and to make sure both clients and freelancers are on the same leveling field, they need to clearly communicate the requirements of the project and the capabilities, limitations, and expectations of each party.

As the gig economy continues to take over the workforce, the government and the labor groups must reassess their roles and be creative to better protect professional workers in this home-based industry.

To choose the right platform for their work and projects, freelancers and clients should examine the safety procedures to be implemented on each written cyber contract.

Can they protect themselves if a client refuses to pay for a job that has been completed per instruction; or, if a freelancer sends an invoice for a job he/she neither did nor completed? How responsive is the website’s customer support service? Can they help users effectively resolve issues and get what’s fairly due?

A freelancers’ group meets, assisting each other.

Mind you, there’s not even an age requirement… the more related expertise, lots better for your chances. Likewise, there’s no limit for number of clients as you can subcontract to others some excess jobs at armslength control.

IF you have invested well in yourself, YOU are still the best product in this world.

So, let’s ride with this change through flexibility.

Guys, forget about that dammed POGOs’ exclusivity, this freelancing is much better for us to earn dollars while in our country… an earning income potential (even when you are zZzSleeping, literally), a Work From Home opportunity.

Get multi-clients, how about if you consider starting with an hourly rate or daily cap until you build up your portfolio expertise? And then give yourself a raise, per project basis, at the same time you are free to hunt other contractors in the online wilderness.

As of February 2018, here’s the top paying jobs in freelancing including the average hourly income, according to Ms. J.Zambas. (Just click the link).

Thus, it can really be tough at first to catch job contracting but it’s important to keep up with it, just like any other job search; or, perhaps while depending on your 9-6 crux, develop a small business on the side.

Is it right that i heard other companies on the boom, branded as “Freelancer”, “Toptal” or “GURU”? As the saying goes: the more, the merrier!

The more, the merrier!

Most of these though can be found at Facebook like “Upwork Philippines” and “Fiverr Freelancers Philippines” groups. You can link also at their websites soon.

Good luck, ka-HomeBiz!


Upwork >

Fiverr >

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Symbol of success

Do you know of a unique symbol of success?

There’s a research that reveals that various forms of success like having part time bodyguard/chef/gardener are all considered some of the best signs of affluence.  The study found a shift in what is believed to constitute success, with ostentatious material purchases.

“Donning designer clothes”

This is a materialistic world, really.

From ownership of a Tesla car, a swimming pool, a large smart TV to personalised car plates and even having private yacht and jet. Of those surveyed, they found such purchases unnecessary or just having something to show off. An ego-trip: just partially happy, though.

And there seems to be some truth in traditional actions being used as more subtle symbols of success in the form of buying organic produce, flashing jewelries and flexing those luxurious vacations… like any other John or Jane Does.

Having a second or weekend home topped the list, it’s a true state of glass-walled trophy as well, aha- mention the lavish display of vintage car ownership like any pretentious mob.

My friends and colleagues, to own most of the enumeration above were the biggest motivation but also might become a curse. To achieve success in life lest never forget the simple joys of meditating or even running in the woods near the boondocks- they have no equivalents.

So let’s not just dream, you manifest ardent interests, show your desires and enthusiasm to achieve those goals. And adequate planning and implementation of what you want to be- are very important.

Being unique in that route sometimes spell the difference. Just for example, maintaining a vintage sports car is not only a head-turner but also painful to the pockets.

(cc: Ivan Postnikov)

Perhaps bet low, merely bit above normal frugality. One guy in USA, tried this good-looking electric vehicle just to be the first in the neighborhood. Great showing, yet no one nearly believes its cheap crap until everyone were convinced of the toy-like features. He’s just being practical?!

Decoy your bragging rights, too. Being a cause of envy is not good to the aura. You might be an inspiration for trusted loyal friends; but, most of the time, the profile target of jealous evil eyes. It’s very rewarding to have chosen good company and be on the level rather than be talk of the town as Mr. Showy.

There’s no doubt many are increasingly valuing of having more time to spend with friends and family over displays of wealth.

That’s the basic rule to be happy.

Nevertheless a second home can just be a simple “Bahay-Kubo” in the suburb and availing rentals for brief periods can quell the feelings. Hence, humbug has no place in a happy world.

FORGET the fancy sports car and even a hot tub- or hiring an au pair that have become the modern symbol of success, just be the real YOU. Getting a car is essential but likewise a social symbol for some. Need some balancing act, to know which is enough.

The challenges on how to harvest that material returns would be featured in our stories… the pros and cons, from small beginnings to pratical handling of wealth.

So, i would like to ask you now for some comments (please see link, below) to become lead topics later: what is your idea of a success symbol?

Hurry, drop me a line or two.


Hats off… Man 0 Man!

Man O Man!
Person without money,
eats vegetables at home.
Person has money, eats the same vegetables in a fine restaurant.

Person without money, rides a bicycle to and from home.
Person has money rides an ‘exercise bicycle’ at home.

Person without money, walks to earn food.
Person has money, walks to burn fat.

Man O Man! Never fails to deceive thyself!

Person without money, wishes to get married;
Person has money, wishes to get divorced.

Person without money, wife becomes secretary;
Person has money, secretary becomes wife.

Person without money, acts like a rich man.
Person has money acts like a poor man.

Man O Man!
Never can tell the simple truth!

Person says share market is bad,
but keeps speculating.
Says money is evil, but keeps accumulating.
Says high positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them.
Says gambling & drinking is bad, but keeps indulging.

Man O Man!
Never means what he says and never says what he means..

Life is not about what
you couldn’t do so far,
it’s about what you can
still do.
Wait, don’t ever give up…
Miracles happen every day.

$2 seems too much to give a beggar but it seems okay when its given as tip at a fancy restaurant.

After a whole day of work, spending hours at the gym seem alright,
but helping your Mother out at home
seems like a burden.

Praying to God for 3 min
takes too much time but
watching a movie for 3
hours doesn’t.

Waits a whole year for
Valentine’s day but always forget Mother’s day.

Two poor starving kids sitting on the pavement
weren’t given even a slice of bread but a painting of them is sold for hundred dollars.

We don’t think twice about forwarding silly jokes, but we will rethink about
sending this message on.

Think about It..
Make a change, because you can ….
Here are six easy ways to earn, even after death.

1) Give a smile or gift to someone. Each time you give a smile, it will make someone’s day. You gain.

2) Donate a wheelchair to a hospital. Each time a sick person uses it, you gain.

3) Participate in building an orphanage, or a hospital or a school or a college.
Anybody uses it, you gain.

4) Place a water cooler in a public place. When someone drinks the water, you gain.

5) Plant a tree. Whenever a person, animal sits in its shade or eats from it, you gain.

6) And the easiest of all is, share this message with people. Even if 1 applies any of the above, you gain.

I just did… now its your turn. Please do share this, a good seed makes our one world grow better.

Ctt0. Thank Ü

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My friends, welcome to our Asenso Series Ka-HomeBiz (ASK) blog and, to your almost-free subscription.

ASK is our home of compilation or library of “Be Your Own Boss” topics and related matters. You would not find Get-Rich-Quick schemes here but those practical money-making ideas of acquiring wealth, mostly based through perspiration and inspiration stories.

Please note that we promote dual language here, Pinoy English, Taglish & of course, Tagalog.

Nandito po tayo sa dynamic community na ito para matugunan ang mga katanungan o kaya mga suliranin na nagiging hadlang sa ating pinapanaginip na Asenso sa buhay.  Gagawin po natin lahat na mag-Research sa ating makakaya o base sa karanasan ma-Solutionan kung ano man problema sa pangkabuhayan. Huwag mag atubili po na magtanong at sisikapin natin masakop ang Personal Financial Planning, Business Start-ups and sustainability, Sideline hustles, Simple Management tools, Strategic Planning, SWOT Analysis, viability of projects at pati ang iyong capacity building, atbp.

Siempre, aming pinapayo na kung usapang pera o lalo na po malaking halaga ang maikakasa sa pangpuhunan, please consult always a Business Management Professional.

May i introduce myself (again!)…

😉 As a business graduate, Virgil gets entrepreneurs growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential. And with three decades of various accountancy experiences, he has discovered some formula to get businessmen unstuck and to keep marching forward toward their goals. He applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate positive change. He holds two bachelor degrees- in economics and in accountancy; a masters degree in business administration, studying under government scholarship. He tried public management, too, in the hope of earning a doctoral degree but finding time convenience was a struggle for him while simultaneously working and raising a family.

Happy moneymaking!

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